Rebecca D. Fox is a weaver of words and worlds, crafting tales that transcend the mundane and embark on the extraordinary. With a penchant for the whimsical and the profound, her writing is a tapestry of Fantasy, Mystery, Dystopian, and Science Fiction. Guided by the ethos of “Nemo Resideo,” Rebecca ensures that no reader is left behind, inviting them to join her on a voyage through the pages of imagination.

As she pursues a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at Full Sail University, Rebecca is also navigating the literary landscape to find a home for her children’s picture book, “Best Job Ever.” This heartwarming tale, seen through the eyes of Alvin the rabbit, explores the boundless possibilities that await a child’s future.

Rooted in the rich soil of New York, where the influence of her Texan mother and Yankee father melded into a unique upbringing, Rebecca’s journey led her to a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Theatre from SUNY Oswego. The stage set the scene for her transition into the film industry, where she now shines as a proud member of SAG/AFTRA.

Rebecca’s narrative is one of passion and persistence, a testament to the power of storytelling to shape dreams and forge connections across the expanse of human experience.