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Fifteen-year-old Ainsley believes she is going on the trip of a lifetime when her parents surprise her and her siblings with an impromptu trip. It turns out to be truly unforgettable for Ainsley in a way that no one expected.

Falling asleep while her dad drives and waking up when her brother takes over, everything feels normal. She blares her music through her air pods, tuning out her mother as she helps her sister with a search and find book, her brother with hands at nine and three on the steering wheel and her father already softly snoring, a moment she will end up regretting later. Lost in thought, eyes closed in that moment between songs.

Enter your unscheduled apocalypse.

Ainsley awakens alone with the soft dewy grass beneath her and no family in sight, in fact no one anywhere. Believing herself to be the last person on earth, she struggles with her thoughts, turning to the internet (that has oddly not been eradicated) to document her survival. Deciding to get home no matter the cost from where she ended up, she discovers she doesn’t seem to be alone after all. She catches a ride from the only people she has seen in over two weeks, a ragtag group of drifters that resemble a group much like the family she just lost. There is the ever-in-love couple in their sixties who are older than her parents but keep the group together, the mysterious dark and brooding older boy who nods a lot and the understandably clingy little girl who struggles with sucking her thumb.

Her odd drive ends abruptly with the last post on her account, there on on Instagram, when her extended family posts about Ainsley death at the heels of an extended coma after the car accident that also took the lives of her parents and siblings.

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