When Waterfalls Call, Three Ways to Find Them

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Rebecca Fox

1/19/20243 min read

Have you ever had the opportunity to embrace the cool water of a waterfall, watching it tumble down, leaving rainbows in its wake? If you have just moved to the Upstate region of South Carolina or have lived here awhile and been curious as to where to take your visiting guests then you have come to the right place to discover the adventure that is exploring waterfalls. According to Upcountry South Carolina, there are nearly “100 waterfalls in Upstate South Carolina that range from 40 to 700 feet.” In this article you should be able to gleam three different ways to experience waterfalls, stumbling upon them, seeking them out after reading an article like this one and going with a professional tour to discover them.

Stumbling After Waterfalls

Recently my sister and I were looking at real estate in Ware Shoals, South Carolina and while leaving the property, drove the opposite direction we came from in search of Dunkin Donuts. We rounded the bend and laid our eyes on a small river with a small waterfall and decided to take a closer look. We found ourselves at the Irvin Pitts Memorial Park, which is a park you can fish at, wade in, and even go water tubing. There are lines of life vests on the shore used for training exercises and for any incident that might arise since there is no lifeguard on duty. There is parking directly next to the river as well as plenty of benches and a few picnic tables to take in a meal. The park is open from dawn to dusk and there is no charge to visit.

Seeking Waterfalls Out

If you perchance upon an article like this one that tells you more about the waterfalls in the area, you may be intrigued enough to follow your way to their location. Many articles will advise you about their address, how to get to them and what you can experience while there including from Kristina Hernandez who is a local mom. She encourages us to think about our safety when visiting the waterfalls and, “to never play at the top or sides of a waterfall, even for a second or to get an Insta-worthy photo. Those rocks are slippery and many people have unfortunately lost their lives at waterfalls in our area.” One waterfall location to explore is found in the heart of Greenville, Falls Park on the Reedy River. Erin Gorges states in her article, “With the Liberty Bridge as the centerpiece, grassy fields to frolic in, gardens to explore, and even some special events throughout the year, the park makes a great place to play at.” It is one you and your family should definitely explore.

Going Professional

If you decide to take it up a notch and pursue a professional company to take you to the waterfalls, here are some companies you can look into.

·      Horseback Waterfall Tours

Rhett Leonard of Horseback Waterfall Tours provides the horses for up to four riders at a time , ages 12 and up, and takes them on a tour around Jocassee Gorges and Lake Jocassee, landing at the Jumping Off Rock or Table Rock for a regal view. Rhett is “a bit protective about his exact routes—something along the lines of a trademarked secret in the world of outdoorsmen. But he promises an adventure that will not soon be forgotten, all located about an hour from Greenville.”

·      Jocassee Lake Tours

What about seeing waterfalls from a boat? Jocassee Lake Tours will take you on a boat, in the warmer months between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend, so that you can enjoy a different view of the waterfalls of Upstate South Carolina. As VisitGreenvilleSC.com says, ”National Geographic declared Lake Jocassee and the Jocassee Gorges as one of the world’s 50 last great places! 90 miles of protected scenic shoreline and 75, 000 acres make Lake Jocassee home to many forms of wildlife, beautiful waterfalls and rivers, even a suspension bridge.”

Bringing It Home

You have hopefully discovered that there are many ways to find and enjoy the waterfalls of Upstate South Carolina. Whether you end up stumbling upon them, looking for them in earnest and venturing to them on your own or setting up a trip with a Professional Company to view them in a whole new way, the adventure will be your own. Remember to stay safe and take pictures, a memory will last a lifetime.